Timeless – 2015

Interested in purchasing a piece of art from our current show or from our archives?

Please send inquiry to:
artdecure@yahoo.com or call
518 330-9788

The Gallery at :
Albany Med | The Endocrine Group

1365 Washington Avenue, Suite 300 · Albany · NY 12208

Show Dates: October 30th – January 30, 2016


Original work by our regional artists covering a broad range of both media and style. This is certainly a “must see” exhibit whether you lean toward realism or abstraction, photography or mixed media.

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The Gallery is open to the public, just walk in and enjoy the more than 80 pieces of art on the walls; the ceramics by Mary LaFleur and Barbara Bravo and the wood working items by Ray Puffer, Warren Stoker, Ken Evans in the showcases.


Linda Asmus • Marty Bannan • Karen Banovic • Carly Brancato • Edie Cannizzo • Deb Carpenter • Matthew Chinian  Sue Coons • Don Cooper • Ruth Crotty • Roger Dowse • John Elliott • Richard Endres • Michael Gallitelli • Diane Guendel • Harvey Gurien • Dave Higgins • Pat Hoffmeister • Bud Hovey • Gary Larsen • Tina Lincer • Laurel-Le Lipski • Susan Lunow • John Manley • Nedra Newby • Ann Norsworthy-Rigley • Jill Peck Vona • Donna Peirce • Peter Sisario • Grace Tatara • Jean Thatcher • Max Tiller • Gordana Vukovic • Faith Weldon • Carole Warburton • Marjorie Ward • Enid Watsky • Milton McPherson • Jacqueline Watsky

The Art de Cure Gallery at AMC The Endocrine Group

Monday – Friday • 8am-5:30pm • open to the public

Gallery coordinator: Jackie Watsky

About Albany Med The Endocrine Group

amc-endocrine-groupThe Endocrine Group manages a wide spectrum of endocrine disorders. Their mission is to provide the best possible care in a cost effective, efficient manner while maintaining a patient friendly, compassionate environment.

ADA-logoEstablishing an Art de Cure Gallery to benefit the American Diabetes Association (ADA), enhances AMC The Endocrine Group’s mission of maintaining a patient friendly environment. Since the gallery opened in April 2010, Art de Cure curates three shows a year and an annual Spring for a Cure event. Through Art de Cure Gallery, The Endocrine Group has given the ADA over $100,000.