Spring for A Cure – 2015

The Gallery at :
Albany Med | The Endocrine Group

1365 Washington Avenue, Suite 300 · Albany · NY 12208

Show Dates: January 30-April 24, 2015 • ADA Benefit Event April 18, 2015

spring-for-a-cure-2015AMC The Endocrine Group and Art de Cure are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase the art work of our talented Capital Region artists in our annual Spring For A Cure show.

Marty Bannan . Leslie Berlinsky . Bob Blackmon . Jerry Boehm . Debbie Park Boussu . Angelo Bracco . Barbara Bravo . Deb Carpenter . Don Cooper . Ruth Crotty .  Ken Deitcher . Roger Dowse . John Elliott . Richard Endres . Michael Gallitelli . Nancy Noble Gardner . Harvey Gurien . Dave Higgins . Pat Hoffmeister . Bud Hovey . Ann Larsen . Gary Larsen . Tina Lincer . Laurel-Le Lipski . Susan Lunow . Anita MacDonald . Gary Masline . Milton McPherson . Donald Mowat . Naturelogues . Nedra Newby .  Donna Peirce . Donald Rivard . Douglas Root . Peter Sisario . Janet Snyder . Paige Sutton . Grace Tatara . Jean Thatcher . Angela Thomas . Max Tiller . Carol Turner . Jill Peck Vona . Gordana Vukovic . Carole Warburton . Marjorie Ward . Enid Watsky .  Larry White . Kris Woodward .


Gallery and all events are open to the public during office hours:
Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Gallery coordinator: Jackie Watsky

About Albany Med The Endocrine Group

amc-endocrine-groupThe Endocrine Group manages a wide spectrum of endocrine disorders. Their mission is to provide the best possible care in a cost effective, efficient manner while maintaining a patient friendly, compassionate environment.

ADA-logoEstablishing an Art de Cure Gallery to benefit the American Diabetes Association (ADA), enhances AMC The Endocrine Group’s mission of maintaining a patient friendly environment. Since the gallery opened in April 2010, Art de Cure curates three shows a year and an annual Spring for a Cure event. Through Art de Cure Gallery, The Endocrine Group has given the ADA over $100,000.